Please find below today’s update on Cyclone Mora.

• Mora started taking its toll since 6 am this morning at Cox’s bazar. Kutubdia, Maheshkhali and  St. Martin area.

• Chittagong City started facing the storm since 9am this morning.

• Operation of Chittagong Port remains suspended since yesterday, Airport operation suspended from this morning.

• CFS operation had been suspended from yesterday night and may likely to resume after heavy rain with strong wind is over.

• Bangladesh evacuated at least 350,000 people – about 200,000 from Cox’s Bazar and some 150,000 from Chittagong – before cyclone Mora made landfall on Tuesday morning with heavy rains and winds of up to 117kph.

• Highest wind speed recorded 135 kmph at teknaph which is 171 km away from Chittagong.

• At least 12 more hours of bad weather is expected to be seen.

• As of updated, there is no news been reported on getting water inside CFS. After the storm is over, CFS authority will go and see the facilities to check any of the laden containers which were at the CFS yard are impacted.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you posted each and every news as and when found.