Before Santa arrives with a sleigh full of toys and gifts manufactured in Asia, kids of all ages will be dressing up for Halloween and adults will be decorating their homes. Halloween is among the most popular holidays in America, so the horrific congestion this year is no treat for the nation’s supply chain.

One retailer that relies solely on this holiday for its revenues is Spirit Halloween.
Taking a historic look at the Spirit Halloween shipping volumes, the delays created by the COVID pandemic can be clearly tracked. The onslaught of containers in July and August shows how late the items are arriving at customs.

“Based on the trade data, Ningbo and Yantian are the major exporting ports for Spirit Halloween,” explained William George, analyst at Import Genius. “Unfortunately, these two ports have been impacted by the delta variant creating delays.”

For seasonal retailers, such as Spirit Halloween, these delays could impact an already small window of in-store retail opportunity. What 2021 has shown all logistics managers is that even those with the best planning cannot shield their supply chains from port closures and the snail’s pace of port container processing.

“Like most retailers, Spirit experienced delays of select inventory — notably our highly popular animatronics line,” said Michael Preston, media officer of Spencer Gifts. “But we still anticipate our retail locations being stocked with the most dynamic selection of costumes, décor, animatronics and more in time to celebrate the Halloween weekend.”

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