Please note that the congestion in Dhaka, Bangladesh continues to worsen as space tightens all the while capacity continues to be diminished. There is tremendous cargo pressure and carriers are facing huge backlogs, making it impossible for airlines to confirm with any certainty the connecting flights.  Carriers are unable to ensure that their schedules are maintained; even express services are facing delays and overall cargo movement is very very slow.
This situation has been ongoing and gradually deteriorating further over the past several months; impacted largely by the Chittagong port congestion, with sea freight shipments being converting to air freight bookings in order to meet the delivery deadlines.

At the moment all the airlines are facing capacity issues, specific examples are provided below:

  • EY has suspended freighter operation and stopped accepting cargo on PAX flight due to re scanning issue, capacity reduced by 300-350 tons per week.
  • QR has reduced freighter operation due to crisis in DOH, capacity reduced by 120-150 tons per week.
  • EK has canceled their freighter operation due to re scanning backlog in DXB, capacity reduced by 200-300 tons per week.
  • SV is accepting cargo only on freighters and has stopped accepting PAX flights due to re-scanning issues, capacity reduced by 100-150 tons per week.
  • Flights are fully pre-booked 3-4 days in advance with an additional average waiting time of 3-4 days.
  • Transit times are further increased by 3-4 days due to re-scanning at hub.

Omnitrans, in cooperation with our overseas partners continues to closely monitor the situation as it develops, reviewing all possible options with different airlines on a daily basis.