Bangladesh opposition extends nationwide strike as deadline to file nomination papers ends today 

Bangladesh main opposition party BNP and its right wing allies have extended a 72-hour nationwide strike for two more days demanding the postponement of polls, even as the deadline to file nomination papers ends on Monday.
"The blockade will now continue till 5:00 p.m. Thursday December 5th. ," BNP spokesperson and joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed said in messages sent to media houses.
The opposition protest, which was scheduled to end on Tuesday, would virtually paralyse the country straight for the second week, even as death toll in the last two-week’s of political violence rose to 28.
The extension came as the deadline to file nomination papers for the upcoming January 5 elections expires today.
BNP had said it would not nominate candidates until settlement of the dispute over the election time government.
The ruling Awami League and BNP are at loggerheads over the system for conducting the polls. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has formed a multi-party interim set-up while the BNP wants elections under a non-party interim government.
The opposition led by BNP is demanding that the polls should be shelved until the dispute is settled…
Source: The Indian Express
Operation inside the Off-Dock and inside port will continue status quo. Transfer of container from Off-dock to Chittagong Port Offshore will be hampered during the wide blockades of roads. 
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