• Yard utilization remains high
• Rail dwell time remains at 3 days


• All terminals are operating normally
• Rail dwell time remains at 4 days

Prince Rupert

• Vessel berth wait time remains at 4 days
• Yard utilization remains at 94%
• Rail dwell time has decreased from average 9 to 8 days



Unprecedented demand for container ships will not end anytime soon, according to companies that rent vessels to ocean carriers. Their overwhelming confidence is yet another sign for beleaguered cargo shippers — and another signal that inflation could persist.

The price liners are willing to pay to lease ships reflects the degree they need vessels to carry cargo. For the …


Big-box retailers including Walmart have plans to expand container operations at the ports of LA/LB as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to unclog a massive bottleneck at the terminal complex.

“US ports have failed to realize the full possibility offered by operation on nights and weekends”. “Moving goods during off-peak hours can help move goods out of ports …


Chinese congestion has dramatically declined over recent weeks, factories are being plagued by power outages that constrain export capacity, and US consumer sentiment is faltering.

However US port congestion remains historically high and there is a huge inventory restocking mountain to climb even after consumer sales slow.

As of September 24, there were 153 container ships off the ports …


Commodity prices are surging, so – no surprise: Marine fuel is getting a lot more expensive. That’s bad news for ship operators and yet another headache for cargo shippers.

Marine bunker prices are “soaring,” said Alphatanker. “This has not just impacted 3.5% high-sulfur fuel oil but also 0.5% very low sulfur fuel oil.

“There are expectations that crude, and …


Shipping lines seeking renewal of contracts with customers are looking to lock shippers into long-term deals while the market continues to rage.

However, some shippers are questioning the logic. Markets, it seems, have no way to go but down.
Carriers are looking to shift customers onto two-year terms for 2022, with some looking at 3-4 years.

It may be …


COSCO Shipping Lines is launching Transpacific BCO Express Line, comprising the Prince Rupert and LA express line.

Five 4,250TEU CEN-EXPRESS ships will move containers from Qingdao and Shanghai to Prince Rupert; CEN-PLUS, assigned six 10,000TEU vessels, to call Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and LA and shippers are guaranteed an exclusive container yard as a pick-up point.

“The express services provide …

Chinese officials issued warnings, ports in the Shenzhen region suspended operations as a strong tropical storm approached the region after bringing heavy rain to the Philippines. The storm Kompasu passed south of Hong Kong, over northern Vietnam and moved into Cambodia.

Hong Kong’s weather department issued a No 8 warning signal, the second typhoon warning for the city in days. …

A hockey-stick pattern starts with a low-level period — the blade — hits an inflection point, curves up, then heads sharply higher — the shaft. Newly released financial and operating reports for Q3 by Matson and Cosco show container shipping in full-on hockey-stick mode.

Pandemic restrictions and fiscal stimulus created winners and losers. On the losing end: companies that depend …