• Yard utilization remains high
  • Rail dwell time remains at average 3 days


  • All terminals are operating normally
  • Rail dwell time decreased from 10 to 6 days

Prince Rupert

  • Vessel berth wait time remains between 7 to 11 days
  • Yard utilization reduced from 116% to 105%
  • Rail dwell time remains at 7 days


  • Vessel berth wait time


Vessel capacity and service have been prioritized above price. Retailers and Importers have signed long-term contracts at significantly higher levels in Trans-Pacific Eastbound trades than in previous years, Xeneta reported. Rates have continued to climb the past two months even as contract negotiations continue. “Trans-Pacific contracts are catching up with spot market rates,” Alan Murphy, CEO and partner at …


The number of container ships waiting off Qingdao, one of China’s biggest ports, is continuing to rise as the country doubles down on its Covid Zero policy, adding more delays to a strained global supply chain.

About 72 vessels were spotted off Qingdao port on March 14th, almost double the amount at the end of February. The increased delays …


Finally, some relief from supply chain bottlenecks for the besieged ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. In the first two months of 2022, the queue of ships waiting for Southern California berths fell, velocity of cargo moving through terminals increased and more boxes were unloaded at Southern California docks.

Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los …


Ships and cargoes have been accumulating at ports across Europe following sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine. According to Israeli maritime data agency Windward, ports in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latvia and Finland are experiencing a sudden spike in congestion of between 40% to 80%.

The shutdown of shipping lanes to Russia and Ukraine have worsened the backlog of containerized


The China-Europe rail network is facing massive disruption with a huge drop in volume expected on the northern corridor — conduit for more than 90% of the trade — that can’t to be absorbed by capacity-constrained routes to the south that avoid Russia and Belarus.

A total of 1.46M TEUs was carried on the China-Europe rail in 2021, an …


With China experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, many key production locations have been impacted:


  • Entire city undergoing several rounds of mass PCR testing.
  • Shanghai imposed stringent measures after a spike in COVID-19 cases.
  • 48 hours test result required for people entering or leaving Shanghai remains unchanged, which is slowing logistics operations.
  • Some CFS warehouses and terminals are


European supply chains are coming under increasing strain as war in Ukraine moves towards its third week with limited signs of resolution.

The impact is intensifying across all transport modes as the sector makes efforts to minimize disruption in an already disrupted market. The maritime crisis intensifies as ports become blocked, imports and exports stall and sanctions result in …


Ports, labor unions, container lines, and US-flag interests are moving fast to halt efforts by the Biden administration and Congress to strip antitrust immunity from container lines, warning that the end of shipping alliances would create a seismic — and unintended — shift in how carriers serve US ports and shippers.

That industry stakeholders would even have to defend …


Nearly one year after the Ever Given grounded in the Suez Canal, blocking the waterway for six days, another Evergreen ship has become stranded in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

The Ever Forward grounded at around 9 p.m. Sunday March 13th after straying from the Craigshill Channel, between buoys 16 and 14, off Gibson Island, as it departed the Port …