Equipment Shortage at CFS Warehouses:
Due to the in-bound capacity being drastically reduced, the equipment shortage is now at its highest at all CFS warehouses with major shipping lines (including Hapag LIoyd, Cosco, Maersk, CMA, Yang Ming, One-Line, and MSC). The situation is made worse with the increase in export flow prior to EID holiday.
Road Conditions: 
It has become very difficult to dispatch containers at the port. Road movement to port gate is very slow due to construction of Flyover & heavy rains in the last few days.
Trailer Movement:
Due to the Covid 19 situation, the number of trailer operators are also drastically reduced, which has impacted total trailer movement and productivity of the export laden container movement to port.
Port Situation: 
Berthing congestion has improved a bit but the ports have to work with limited manpower, affecting productivity. Many containers are evidently shut out due to trailers not being able to reach the port or the vessel had to sail earlier than planned in order to allow other vessels to berth. Above all, the volume has increased by 35% making the situation more difficult to maintain.

We are observing the situation very closely and will update you if we see any impact on the container movement.