Our Solution in Action

Under normal circumstances, the small parcel courier industry typically delivers at an on-time reliability rating of greater than 90%. As a result of Covid-19, these numbers have plummeted by as much as 10% with no end in sight.

With experienced delays lasting days, and in some cases weeks, Omnitrans’ unique Courier Service Program has proven to significantly help expedite delivery resolutions of domestic, cross-border and international parcels.

At Omnitrans, we have our own around-the-clock customer service support teams with the knowledge, experience, network access and technical tools to help get your courier parcels where they need to be asap. They can be reached directly via telephone, email or text with response times often measured in minutes.

Most importantly, our courier team truly cares about each one of our customers and their parcels, and is relentless in both pursuit of a resolution and in keeping you informed. Businesses from e-commerce, apparel, tech, machinery and healthcare continue to trust their essential parcel deliveries, to and from anywhere in the world, to us.

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