The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has asked the public to ensure that the packaging of any tubular 500-watt double ended halogen lamps (bulbs) manufactured or imported for consumer use through typical retail channels bears the appropriate ANSI warning label and that the label is displayed prominently on the front panel of the bulb packaging.

In October 1998, the labeling was approved as an American National Standard (ANSI C78.260c-1998 – Supplement to ANSI C78.260-1998). CPSC has issued a press release warning about 500-watt halogen bulbs that can be used in torchiere floor lamps or other indoor residential fixtures due to at least 291 fires and 27 deaths involving halogen torchiere floor lamps. It should be noted that the torchiere lamps should contain a bulb that is 300 watts or less. Since there still are older torchiere floor lamps in service that do not meet the current UL standard, it is especially important that consumers not inadvertently use 500-watt bulbs in fixtures such as floor lamps and other residential light fixtures.

For an example of an acceptable warning label, refer to press release 03-077 at: 

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