The following notice (N09-019) is from the Commercial Border Policy Division, Admissibility Branch of the CBSA.

Effective immediately, CSA importers can include intermediary locations, as listed on the CSA carriers’ bill of lading, as part of their trade chain partner (TCP) list for delivery of CSA shipments as a consignee. The goods would be consigned to an intermediary location for storage and/or re-distribution to customers in Canada. Release will occur at these locations and the release date will be on the date that the goods were received at the intermediary location

During Part II of the importer application process, importers must submit an initial list of their trade chain partners, and are obligated to ensure that the TCP list remain current, and additions and deletions must be provided to CBSA, as per paragraphs 65 and 66 of D-Memorandum D17-1-7.

The importer is obligated to demonstrate that their system can track and account for goods that are consigned to an intermediary location and determine the release date as the date in which the goods arrived at the intermediary location, prior to adding the intermediary location to their TCP list. The liability will be transferred from the carrier to the importer when proof of delivery (POD) is received from the intermediary location as long as it is listed on the CSA importers TCP.

The CSA clearance process will remain as it is today:

  • Importer is CSA approved;
  • Carrier is CSA approved;
  • In highway mode, the driver is registered as outlined in the Presentation of Persons (2003) Regulations; and
  • The goods are eligible.

Additional information concerning CSA is available from our technical consulting group.