CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project is a multi-year initiative that will transform the collection of duties and taxes for goods imported into Canada. Through CARM, the CBSA will modernize and streamline the process of importing commercial goods.

Read more about the CARM: The new way to assess and pay duties and taxes on imported commercial goods (


Once fully implemented, CARM will simplify the overall importing process by:

  • providing a modern interface for importing into Canada
  • giving importers self-service access to their information
  • improving consistency of compliance with trade rules


CARM Release 2: May 2024

CARM Release 2: May 2024

Release 2 soft launch is planned for October 2023 to allow selected industry partners to test their own internal systems and allow time for software service providers to continue to certify their software with CARM.

In May 2024, CARM will become the official system of record for the collection of duties and taxes, which will introduce:

Note: As of May 2024, registering for an importer or exporter account (RM) will only be available via the CARM Client Portal. The Canada Revenue Agency will no longer be providing this service.

Further enhancements are expected to become available in the Fall of 2024.


If you need further assistance, please reach out to our CARM support team: at [email protected] or contact the CARM Client support Helpdesk ASAP.

Telephone: 1-800-461-9999

For CARM support, select your preferred language and press 2.


Source: Canada Border Services Agency