Effective July 1, 2008 the following changes to the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) will apply. The GSP program provides duty free preference for all eligible beneficiary countries.

Three aluminum products have been added to the program under the following HTS numbers:

7601.10.30, 7601.20.30, 7604.21.00.

Effective July 1, 2008 the following HTS numbers/ country pairs have lost their GSP benefits:

0711.20.18 Argentina- green olives 
0711.90.30 Turkey- capers 
0802.50.20 Turkey- pistachios in shell 
0804.20.60 Turkey- figs whole 
0910.99.40 Turkey- Origanum 
1007.00.00 Argentina- grain sorghum 
1202.20.40 Argentina- peanuts shelled 
1701.91.10 Philippines- cane/beet sugar sucrose 
1701.91.80 Brazil- articles containing over 10% sugar by dry weight 
1901.20.05 Turkey- mixes and doughs containing over 25% butterfat 
1901.20.45 Argentina- mixes and doughs /dairy products 
2008.30.37 Argentina- citrus fruit pulp 
2008.99.28 Turkey- figs prepared/preserved 
3301.24.00 India- peppermint essential oil 
3824.90.40 Indonesia- fatty substances of animal/vegetable origin 
7113.19.29 India* – gold chains/necklaces 
7202.41.00 Kazakhstan- ferrochromium 
7202.93.80 Brazil- ferroalloys other 
7413.00.50 Turkey- copper cables, strands not electrically insulated 
9602.00.50 Colombia- worked vegetable/mineral carving materials 
2306.30.00 Argentina- oilcakes of sunflower seeds 
2401.20.57 India- tobacco partly/wholly stemmed 
7113.19.50 Turkey *- jewellery of precious except silver 
7901.12.50 Kazakhstan- zinc not alloyed
8544.30.00 Indonesia- ignition wiring sets vehicle, aircraft, ship

*Products of special note that are no longer eligible for GSP are gold necklaces from India and precious metal (except silver) jewellery from Turkey.