Heathrow Closure Forces Cancellation of Air Canada and British Airways Flights


Air Canada advised on Sunday that due to the severe winter storm conditions in England and elsewhere in Europe there were delays and cancellations of London and Paris flights, as well as an impact on connecting flights within Europe, for at least another 48 hours. Due to weather restrictions at London Heathrow, Air Canada cancelled all of its departures from London to Canada for the morning of Sunday, December 19, and as a result a number of flights that were yet to be determined from Canada to London for the evening of Sunday, December 19 were also cancelled because of aircraft availability. The severe winter weather also affected other European stations, notably Paris, where airport conditions imposed lengthy delays or cancellations.


British airways also advised that the severe weather caused significant disruptions to their operations at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Stansted. BA is keeping its flying schedule under constant review and is aiming to give customers as much notice as possible once they start to resume operations. Please do not deliver any additional freight to your local BA World Cargo offices until a representative has confirmed a booking and transport details with you. Your local BA World Cargo representative will contact you as required to make alternative arrangements for your consignment as soon as possible.


Source: CIFFA