To verify that goods have been classified correctly, CBSA auditors are increasing verification activities by requesting samples and product literature pertaining to importations that occurred 3-4 years ago.

Customs memorandum D10-17-15 was published to help prevent a significant number of errors in the classifying of textile and textile products, and provides required information to classify textiles and

The following information specific to textile apparel and clothing accessories must be on file at time of importation for classification purposes, and back-up in the way of samples and / or product literature must be kept on file for 6 years following importation.

Fibre content e.g. polyester, cotton, rayon

Construction of the textile material from which the product is made e.g. knitted, crocheted, woven, nonwoven, coated, impregnated, or laminated.

Type of garment e.g. blouse, shirt, trousers, overcoat, cape, wind jacket, shorts, gloves, scarves, ties, bowties, tracksuit, swimsuit, or ski suit.

Gender and age of the individual for whom the articles are intended (e.g., babies, girls, women, boys, or men). Babies’ garments and clothing accessories apply to articles for young children of a body height not exceeding 86 centimetres.

Knitted upper garments – indicate the number of stitches per centimetre both vertically and horizontally.

Men’s or boy’s shirts, indicate whether or not with a tailored collar.

Cotton trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches, shorts, nightshirts, night-dresses, or pyjamas, not knitted or crocheted – indicate the type of fabric (e.g., corduroy, denim, or flannelette).

Knitted or crocheted jerseys, pullovers, or cardigans, or waistcoats – indicate if brushed or fleeced.

Gloves, mittens, or mitts – state the use (e.g. for work, for dress, or for liners).

Handkerchiefs, shawls, scarves, veils and the like, not knitted or crocheted – state the dimensions in centimetres (e.g., 40 centimetres by 60 centimetres).

Hosiery – specify yarn linear density/yarn size (decitex).

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