The CFIA is responsible for enforcing a variety of federal regulations including the Fish Inspection Act, Food and Drugs Act, Health of Animals Act, Meat Inspection Act, and Plant Protection Act. Enforcement of these acts and their regulations protect consumers by contributing to food safety and to the protection of plants and the health of animals in Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency assists in the enforcement of CFIA requirements by collecting data on imports, inspections, transmitting data to the CFIA, and communicating approval or rejection decisions to the importer/broker.

Omnitrans has capabilities that expedite the release of goods subject to other government departmental (OGD) regulations via electronic data transmission (EDI), including goods subject to CFIA requirements.

The CFIA is actively involved in consultations related to Facilities Handling Plant Pests, Food Safety Measures for Fiddleheads, Invasive Alien Species (for example: pests found in untreated wooden pallets), Pet Imports, Avian Influenza, and BSE in North America.

CFIA inspection services and requirements related to food, animal health, and plant protection are found at:

Additional information concerning this and other recent developments is available from our technical consulting group.