Goods valued at CA$2,000 or more, exported from Canada must be reported to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) prior to export, unless those goods are exported to the United States. Regulated and controlled goods exported from Canada, regardless of value, must also be reported. The reporting form B13A can be filed electronically using Customs Automated Export Declaration (CAED) or G7 EDI.

The regulations clarify the responsibilities of exporters, carriers, forwarders and brokers, and provide timeframes that must be complied with. For every mode of transport, the export declaration must be filed with and accepted by the CBSA prior to export. For example, by marine, the export must be reported (via B13A, CAED or G7) no less than 48 hours before the goods are loaded onto the vessel.

Businesses involved in importing and exporting must register for a Business Number (BN). The CBSA uses this number to process customs release and accounting documents. It is a replacement for older importer numbers. If you don’t have an import/export account number, you can register for one via Business Registration Online:

Acknowledgement or stamped numbered copies must be kept on file by exporters for 6 years to avoid penalties.

Exporters to other-than the United States should be familiar with requirements in order to comply with the requirements and regulations pertaining to reporting. These requirements also apply to exports to Mexico.

A summary of reporting of exported goods regulations