Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) GST Form 303 allows members of a group of closely related corporations to apply to reduce or offset an amount of GST/HST remittable or payable by one member of the group by the amount of any GST/HST rebate or refund to which another member is entitled to claim.

The closely related group making this application must designate one of its members as the coordinator on form GST303. The form has two parts. GST303A is completed by the coordinator and GST303B is completed by each other member of the closely related group making this application. Members of the closely related group making this application can only offset or reduce the tax owing beginning with the reporting period in which they receive CRA acknowledgment of this application. The coordinator must send the form and any other related documents to the coordinator’s taxation centre.

Application or Revocation of the Authorization to File Separate GST/HST Returns and Rebate Applications for Branches is filed on form GST10.

GST303 is available at:

GST10 is at:

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