We are pleased to announce that PARS status tracking of Canadian import shipments is now available in the tracking section of our website, omnitrans.com. This service is available free of charge to all importers and carriers.

In addition to customs entry status, this verification tool displays the PARS number, date of transmission to CBSA, customs transaction number, carrier, customs office, number of packages, and gross weight.

If PARS is not accepted by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) prior to arrival, the shipment may be returned to the United States, and paper submissions for unannounced shipments will not be accepted as of October 15.

Certain entry types such as shipments requiring Other Government Department (OGD) involvement are exempt from EDI pre-arrival processing. Please contact our Technical Consulting department if you have shipments that you believe may be subject to OGD requirements.

Access to the Omnitrans Canadian Import PARS tracker is available at:
Verify PARS

Please contact your Import Client Representative for any questions or for additional information on customs clearance formalities.