Globalization affects our economy in many ways, including effects of the ‘growing economic strength and the political and social instabilities of other countries and regions.’ The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is a commitment by Canada, the United States and Mexico to work together and outlines an agenda for greater cooperation in areas such as security, transportation, the environment and public health.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has the mandate to manage the SPP, the Minister of Public Safety leads the Security Agenda, and the Minister of Industry leads the Prosperity Agenda, each of which contains working groups that meet to develop priorities.

Objectives of the SPP include:

  • more secure and efficient transportation of goods, people and services across our borders and throughout our country;
  • increased consumer protection, job availability and measures that help ensure our high standards of health and safety; and
  • efforts to protect the environment, combat infectious diseases and ensure a safe food and energy supply.