Expert consulting and comprehensive trade advisory services can be critical to the success and overall profitability of our clients’ import activities. Our professional and knowledgeable team provides leading customs and trade consulting services.

Over the last several years, the CBSA has undergone considerable changes in regulations and increased importer accountability. Omnitrans has recognized and responded to the need to keep our clients informed of the changes to customs legislation, regulations and other Government initiatives.

Some of the value-added professional services we provide are:

Preparation for Canada Customs Compliance Assessment Reviews 
Classification of your products to minimize duties & taxes 

  • Valuation and marking issues 
  • Analysis of the import supply chain for customs compliance validation within the AMPS environment 
  • NAFTA eligibility reviews & verifications for both imports and exports 
  • Tariff Preference Level and other remission programs 
  • Tariff Relief o Customs appeals 
  • Duty drawback and refund claims 
  • Duty relief, bonded warehouse 
  • Timely advice of important Canadian customs issues and developments 
  • Other Government Departmental requirements

We offer customized packages, ranging from full scale audits to verifications of specific target activities, depending on the client’s needs. Please contact the Omnitrans Technical Consulting Team to assess your compliance and to obtain additional information about any or all of the above issues.