The Government of Canada announced that it will temporarily amend the Customs Tariff to remove the two-year moratorium on the imposition of safeguard measures on imports previously subject to safeguards.

These amendments will give the Government the flexibility needed to stabilize Canada’s steel market and protect Canadian industry from global instability and the harmful effects of potential surges in imports.

In May the United States agreed to end the additional duties it had been imposing on Canadian steel and aluminum, and Canada agreed to end all its retaliatory duties in response to the U.S. imposition.

As part of the deal to let bilateral trade return to “normal” the United States and Canada agreed to implement effective measures to prevent the importation of aluminum and steel that is unfairly subsidized and/or sold at dumped prices, and to prevent the transshipment of aluminum and steel made outside of Canada or the United States to the other country.

The Canadian measures announced this week will help the government to prevent the importation of litigious steel from third countries.

Link: Notice of Ways and Means Motion