Truck drivers in British Columbia have will be holding a strike vote in January due to rate undercutting and a lack of enforcement of rates established after the last strike in 2005.

A strike by the Vancouver Truck Association of the Canadian Auto Workers would severely affect freight in January especially if the looming strike by port workers takes effect.

The current collective agreements between trucking companies and 750 harbour truck union members expire on December. 31.

Vancouver, Prince Rupert and all British Columbia ports are facing a strike threat January 2 – talks between the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union representing 450 foremen who oversee 5,160 dockworkers are currently stalled.

We will provide updates on this situation as they become available.

Omnitrans and our partners have developed various contingency plans in the event of a possible strike at the Ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, including using the ports of Tacoma and Seattle to discharge vessels. Cargo will then be routed to Canada via rail or truck.

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Source: The Journal of Commerce Online