Registered Shippers Database Update

The Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program will soon be sending letters to Registered Shippers in our database with incomplete or duplicate files. The purpose of this endeavour is to have them complete their files on-line in anticipation of the upcoming proposed regulatory changes.
A copy of the letter being sent to these Registered Shippers is attached.
Registered Shippers who do not respond to this letter as of September 30, 2014, will be removed from our database and will no longer be part of the ACS Program. 
Shippers who have applied directly to Transport Canada since April 2011 will have complete and valid files; they will not receive a copy of this letter. All complete and valid Registered Shippers will be transferred to the new category called Account Consignors when the proposed regulatory amendments come into force. At that time, a letter will be sent to inform them of this change, and to invite them to become known consignors.
The ACS Program encourages you to have your shippers register with our program. The on-line registration module can be accessed here:
For further information, contact the ACS Support Centre at 1-866-375-7342 or [email protected]
Emmanuel Chabot
A/Director, Air Cargo Security
Transport Canada
Source: Transport(s) Canada