A commercial invoice, signed by the seller, shipper, or his agent is acceptable for Customs purposes if prepared in accordance with the Tariff Act. It must contain the following information in English:

  1. Port of entry to which the merchandise is destined
  2. The time when, the place where and the person by whom and the person to whom the merchandise is sold
  3. Detailed description of the merchandise, including the name by which each item is known, grade, quality, marks, number, and symbols under which sold by the seller to the trade in the country of export, together with marks and numbers of the packages
  4. Quantities in weights and measures
  5. Purchase price of each item in the currency of purchase
  6. All charges upon the merchandise itemized by name and amount including freight, insurance, commission, cases, containers, coverings, and cost of packing, inland freight
  7. All rebates, drawbacks, and bounties, separately itemized allowed upon exportation of the goods
  8. Country of origin
  9. All goods and services furnished for production of the merchandise (assists, dies, molds, tools, engineering) if not included in the invoice price