A drastic increase in COVID-19 cases in recent days has prompted Shanghai to be declared a high-risk area by the Chinese Government. Officials are requiring that all truck drivers entering and exiting the city to be tested for COVID-19, which is causing significant delays. More lockdowns have also been instituted in the Hebei Province, which has made trucking between these high-traffic areas difficult and highly congested. As such, many truckers have already returned to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year holiday, further exacerbating the crunch on available truck capacity. 

For many truckers, all their capacity is fully booked through the Chinese New Year holiday. In addition to Shanghai; truckers serving cities such as Ningbo, Nanjing and Xiamen, many truckers have also already returned to their hometowns over COVID-19 travel concerns or are planning to return this week. In other cities such as Fuzhou and Shenzhen, truckers are still honoring bookings through February 5, but no new bookings are being accepted. It is also anticipated that trucking volume may be slow to return after the holiday due to the quarantine requirements of various provinces. Hong Kong truckers are still operating until February 10, but capacity is limited and bookings must be secured at least five days prior.