The Government of Canada announced that amendments are being made to the Special Import Measures Regulations, aiming to ensure that an appropriate level of anti-dumping duties can be applied to goods that are dumped into Canada.

The amendments are meant to provide greater flexibility to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to address situations where there may be distortions in the price of the goods in the country of export. It clarifies alternative methods to calculate the costs of production of the imported goods, in cases where the price of inputs is distorted because of purchases made between affiliated companies or because of a particular market situation.

The CBSA is also introducing policy changes that will provide further flexibility to determine whether goods are being dumped into Canada. This will make it easier for the CBSA to compare the price of the goods imported into Canada with the price of the goods sold by the same exporter to a different country, to find whether there is dumping. Changes will also allow the CBSA to better identify dumping that occurs in targeted patterns and is hidden by high prices.