All Exporters and Carriers must send PAPS and Customs documentation to our United States processing centre.

Via email – [email protected]
Via fax – 1-518-297-4310

Please enclose a completed copy of our Pre-Arrival Notification form. Click here to download a copy.

Please verify that your PAPS has been accepted by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) prior to arrival at the border.

Click here to check the status of a PAPS.

** In order to ensure that your shipment has been properly transmitted to CBP, please verify that there is a date and time indicated next to ‘Release Accepted by CBP’.

** If ‘FDA Status’ indicates anything other than ‘May Proceed’, please contact our office for further instructions.

24 Hour Customer Service

Tel: 1-518-940-4178
[email protected]