We have been advised that some clients are not receiving automated emails from Omnitrans as they are being blocked at the recipient side by Microsoft prior to delivery.

In ongoing extensive discussions with Microsoft, we discovered that the issue impacts other domains and not exclusively the Omnitrans emails.

This would affect automated distributions from the [email protected] account including billing, ARL statements, K84 reports, release notifications, etc.

Since we are approaching the end of the month and payments are due to CBSA, it is important that all Canadian import clients verify that they have received the CBSA Statement of Account. If you have not, either log into your CARM (ARL) Portal, or reach out to the Omnitrans accounts receivable team at [email protected]

Some recipients with a Office365 email server and a specific configuration are being impacted.

At this point we believe that the problem is that some configurations are identifying this as spam and the messages are not being received.

Clients using Mimecast appear to be able to receive messages from the [email protected] account without issue.

Not all our clients have been affected and we continue to work with our vendors and Microsoft to find a solution.

We will advise as soon as more information becomes available.