The Ministry of Environment has issued Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentration Limits for Automotive Refinishing Products Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The regulations are intended to reduce ground-level ozone which results in the formation of smog, and were implemented because voluntary measures have not been successful in achieving significant reductions in VOC emissions. Highlights of the regulations include:

  • Importers and manufacturers of any product listed in the schedule must ensure labels indicate the date the product was manufactured or a code representing that date. If a code is used, the importer or manufacturer must provide an explanation of the code upon request.
  • Importers or manufacturers of subject products must hold a permit from the Ministry if the product contains a VOC concentration that exceeds the regulated limit.

The following materials are affected:

  • Primer Surfacer: 250
  • Primer Sealer: 340
  • Pre-Treatment Wash Primer: 660
  • Adhesion Promoter: 840
  • Colour Coating: 420
  • Uniform Finish Coating: 540
  • Truck Bed Liner Coating: 310
  • Temporary Protective Coating: 60
  • Underbody Coating: 430
  • Single-Stage Coating: 420
  • Multicolour Coating: 680
  • Clear Coating: 250
  • Other Coatings: 250
  • Surface Cleaners: 50

The effective date of the regulations will be June 18, 2010, which will allow a one year transition period to automotive refinishing product manufacturers and importers.

Additional information concerning this and other recent developments is available from our technical consulting group.