PARS Tracker

The PARS Tracker web portal allows you to verify your shipment’s entry status with the Canada Customs Pre-arrival Review System.

Important to know.

To help you streamline your shipping process, here are some important things to be aware of:

All importers and carriers must send the PARS and Canadian customs documentation to our Canadian processing centre.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1.866.877.2266

Please verify that your PARS has been accepted by The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) prior to arrival at the border.

Please check your PARS status on our website or contact our 24-hour PARS support line to ensure your shipment has been successfully transmitted to the CBSA.

If your “PARS Status” indicates anything other than “Accepted” or “Awaiting Arrival of Goods,” please contact our 24-hour PARS support line for further instructions.

24-hour PARS support line:

Phone: 1.866.677.9541
Email: [email protected]

Your questions. Our answers.

Why can’t I see my PARS status in the PARS Tracker?

If you’ve entered your PARS number but don’t see any status updates, we may be missing some necessary documentation. We recommend contacting your carrier to confirm that they’ve faxed or emailed us the required PARS documentation for processing. If your carrier has submitted the request, please allow at least three hours for us to process it. Our brokerage team will send you an email regarding any missing documentation.

I see an “Accepted” status. Why is my PARS not released?

This indicates that we’ve processed your clearance request with the CBSA, but your carrier hasn’t crossed the border yet. Please contact your carrier for more information about the status of the crossing.

I see an “On-hold” status. What does this mean?

This means that we’ve received the request from your carrier, but don’t have all the necessary documentation to proceed with the clearance process.

What’s my PARS number?

Your PARS number is provided to you by your carrier. Each number is unique to the carrier. Therefore, the best way to find your PARS number is to contact the carrier.